Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

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Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Improve your earnings without risking any of your company’s cash assets. Simply pick the term to fit your short- and mid-range goals and your funds earn a guaranteed fixed rate. And guaranteed is always a good thing for your bottom line.

  • A wide variety of options and terms to choose from (30 days to 5-year terms)
  • More guarantee than other risky investments
  • Fixed interest, higher than regular savings
  • Even higher rates by selecting a longer term
  • Receive interest by check monthly, quarterly, annually or at maturity
  • Penalty for early withdrawal
  • $500 minimum opening deposit

Capital Builder CDs

Build value quickly with the convenience and flexibility of a savings account and the returns of a CD.

  • $500 minimum opening deposit
  • Add in increments of $100 or more, as often as you like for the 18-month term

* Some restrictions apply

“Take the Rate” Accelerator CDs

Invest in the “Accelerator CD” at the current 2-year CD rate and when the rate rises, you have a one-time option to “take the rate” and earn the new rate for the remainder of the term.*

  • $500 minimum opening deposit
  • Just like buying a new CD at better rates
  • 2-year special term

* Some restrictions apply

Jumbo CDs

Perfect for tor those with higher balances to invest.

  • $250,000 minimum opening deposit
  • 30 days to 3-year terms
  • Receive interest by check monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or at maturity