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“For the last 17 years, Talley Amusements, a traveling Amusement park, has trusted Lone Star Capital Bank to help them grow and thrive in Texas.

When we approached the larger banks, they wouldn’t give us the time of day because they didn’t understand or even want to learn about the nature of our industry. We have definitely found this with Lone Star Capital Bank, who has helped build our business to be recognized as one of the Top Ten Amusements Ride suppliers in the nation.

I am grateful to Lone Star Capital for trusting us and our abilities. We have educated them on the mobile entertainment business thru communication and earning their trust.

Lone Star Capital is definitely our Texas Star!”

Mary Talley
Talley Amusements, Inc.
P.O. Box 1319
Fort Worth, Texas 76101


“National Development Services, Inc (DBA NDS Construction) was started by Mike Parham to serve the self storage industry. After many years of building for others, we finally were able to start our own line of self storage facilities called Noah’s Ark Self Storage. The first one was built in 1997 in Bulverde, Texas. Since 1995 we have built 300 projects across the U.S with over 9 million feet of self storage being constructed.

LSCB has been extremely supportive of our business throughout the years. Through good and bad years, the bank has always been there for us. The level of customer service has always been exemplary, and everyone has displayed a helpful attitude. I have never had a bad experience in the last 23 years.

We have always felt like we had a true partner in Lone Star Capital Bank. I believed that everyone at the bank had our best interest at heart.”

Ann Parham
Joshua Management Corps
A member of the Parham Group
30435 US HWY 281 N
Bulverde, TX 78163


“I have enjoyed banking with Lone Star Capital Bank for the last 19 years.
You cannot find Private Banking anymore where folks look after you, care about you, and treat you as an individual. You are not just a number or a piece of a computer at Lone Star Capital Bank.
Lone Star Capital Bank does banking the good old fashion way.”

William Grinnan
The Republic of Texas Restaurant
526 River Walk
San Antonio, Texas 78205