10 Best Practices to Prevent Digital Fraud

10 Best Practices to Prevent Digital Fraud
Information provided by: CSI

  1. NEVER share your banking information or login credentials with someone by phone,
    text, or email (even when you are told it is someone from your institution). This includes your Username, Password, Security Question Answers, and Out of Band Authentication Codes.
  2. Keep your account secure by setting up alerts in Online Banking, specifically security alerts, to verify and monitor your account activity.
  3. Be sure to review all communications shared by LSCB on a regular basis.
  4. Strong passwords are highly encouraged (long passwords with a mixture of upper, lower, and unique characters)
  5. Watch out for “too good to be true” deals, as they are just that and are usually a scam.
  6. Fraudsters will play on your emotions and goodness of heart to acquire your personal and financial information.
  7. Use your debit/credit card chip instead of swiping when possible.
  8. Never respond to OOBA authentication phone calls or texts that you did NOT initiate.
  9. Always store your debit and credit cards in a place that isn’t susceptible to theft.
  10. Most importantly, contact your financial institution IMMEDIATELY and change all passwords and security questions if you ever feel your digital credentials or financial information has been compromised.